• Zmirot Shabat 193 Sale
    • Zmirot Shabat 193

      Booklet containing the complete Shabat order.Includes both texts Edot Hamizrah and Ashkenaz.Nusah: Integrated - Ashkenaz and Edot Hamizrah.Number of pages: 96Size: 16x12 cm ID 193

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    • Zmirot Shabat Rinat Yaacov L37 Sale
    • Zmirot Shabat Rinat Yaacov L37

      Sefer Zmirot Shabat with piyutim and motifs in Moroccan and North African style.The book contains a various Piyutim for shabat hatan, Bar Mitzvah and marriage in the Israeli style and Daliact from Morocco.Bound in hard cover. Leather reconstructed in colors or brown or whiteVersion: Edot Hamizrah onlyColor: Brown leatherNumber of...

      $10.00 $7.00
    • Zmirot Shabbat 180 Sale
    • Zmirot Shabbat 180

      Size: 16x12 cm.No. of pages: 64  only Edot HamizrahDescription: booklet containing the traditional service for Friday evening meals and the daytime Shabbat meals with a selection of songs for Shabbat and family celebrations. ID 180

      $2.50 $1.60
    • Zmirot Shabat 192 Sale
    • Zmirot Shabat 192

      Booklet containing the complete Shabat order.Includes songs for special days, a selection of Hassidic songs and Birkat HaMazon and Sheva Brachot.Text: Ashkenaz only.Number of pages: 92Size: 16x12 cm ID 192

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    • Zmirot Shabbat 110 Sale
    • Zmirot Shabbat 110

      Size: 12x16 cm.No. of pages: 64Nusah: Ashkenaz,Description: contains all the prayers for Shabbat meals, Birkat Hamazon, sheva berachot, berachah acharonah and havdalah. ID 110

      $2.50 $1.40
    • Zmirot Shabbat  l081 Sale
    • Zmirot Shabbat l081

      Size: 8.5x11 cm.No. of pages: 96Nusah: both Ashkenaz and Edot HamizrahColor: soft cover, brown leather, white leatherDescription: Selection of songs popular with all communities, prayers for Ashkenaz and Edot Hamizrah. Bound in recycled leather, soft cover ID l081

      $4.50 $3.60
    • Zmirot Shabbat 082 Sale
    • Zmirot Shabbat 082

      Size: 12x16 cm.No. of pages: 128Nusah: Ashkenaz,Description: Deluxe edition containing the text for kindling Shabbat lights, Friday evening kiddush, a selection of songs for Shabbat sheva berachot, Shabbat and holiday songs, Birkat Hamazon, sheva berachot and berachah acharonah. ID 082

      $2.70 $1.70