Zmirot Shabat 199

Booklet containing the complete order for Shabat. There are also two systems:
A. All that is required for the nusah Ashkenaz.
B. All that is required for the nusah Edot Hamizrah.
As well as songs suitable for all the Israeli people.
Optional color cover.
Number of pages: 264
Nusah: Combined - Ashkenaz and Edot Hamizrah together.
Size: 16x12 cm

ID 199


Order directly by e-mail at-

Or Call 02-5373077

Customization Price

It is possible to print on the product a "souvenir of a bar mitzvah, wedding" etc. with the names of the celebrants or invitees.

Price for this service is a one time payment of 100 NIS, which is a payment for the price of the block only.

Once the block is ready the print on the front of the bencher is free of charge. 

If the customer will want an additional block to print on the back of the bencher, he will be charged an additional 100 NIS for the block + 70 agorot per printing.

Self Pickup is possible in our offices - 48 David Yelin, Jerusalem

Shipping and Warranty

Yahalom Publishing is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Benchers, Zemirot Shabat, Siddurim, Psalms, Megillot and Haggadot. Therefore, it is important to us that your satisfaction with our products is above all. Shipping costs in Israel for weight up to 25 Kg is 60 NIS per package by courier. The cost of international shipping is derived from two elements:  A. Weight  B. Destination Once the payment has been paid in full, and the text that the customer wishes to print on the bencher is approved, the order will be made and 5 working days later the shipment will be shipped from our offices. Yahalom Publishing uses Israel Post services, but it does not have the ability to speed up or delay delivery time. Therefore, Yahalom Publishing has no ability to control the schedules of Israel Post and does not take responsibility for the arrival time of the shipment.


You can pay in two ways: A. By credit card - please call 02-5373077 B. By direct bank transfer. The following are the details of our bank account: Name: Yahalom Publishing. Bank Hapoalim 12 King George Branch - Jerusalem Branch Number: 690 Account number: 10007

Order Execution Process and Cancellation Policy

A. The customer will send a text or logo to make a graphical proposal. B. After the proposal is prepared, the proposal will be sent to the customer. C. Customer will carefully review the text sent and approve the text and the order details to be printed. We will not take responsibility for the content of the text after the order has been confirmed. D. The customer will arrange the payment for the order and shipping. F. The work will be carried out and shipped Any order may be canceled provided that the customer has not yet been given approval for processing the work in writing. Once given the customer will be charged fully for the work except the cost of the shipment.


Please contact us directly at or give us a call at (972)-2-5373077 for any additional information

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